Time to Log Off? When Social Media Use Becomes Too Much

February 3, 2020

Here’s What the Law Says About Moving After Divorce

January 22, 2020

Why It’s Hard To Leave a Toxic Relationship

January 9, 2020

Pursuing a Career in Agricultural Law

November 19, 2019

The Things to Prioritize When You Reach Your 50s

September 28, 2019

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Legal News

Couple signing divorce papers

Why It’s Hard To Leave a Toxic Relationship

People make it seem so easy when they give you the advice–“They’re toxic. Leave them.”–but you seem never to have the strength and courage to do so. It’s commonly a

Legal Ethics

girl and judge inside a courtroom

Bail Bonds 101: Do You Qualify for Bail?

If it is your first time, you may hardly be knowing what you should expect from your or your loved one’s bail hearing. What is clear is that you need

Senior talking to a lawyer for his will

Items that might be included in a Will

One of the best ways to ensure clarity after someone dies is for them to leave a will. Creating this relatively simple legal document ensures that their estate is distributed

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