January 17, 2019

Tax Attorney

What to Consider When Hiring a Tax Attorney

Are you having legal problems related to tax payments? If yes, you are not alone, a majority of people are not aware of the right procedure to undertake in their cases. They also have no idea of the right person to contact. The most common tax-related case is the 831(b) compliance issue. The compliance applies

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How Many Lawyers in the United States is

How Many Lawyers in the United States is “Too Many” Lawyers?

How many lawyers is too manylawyers in the United States? 1.34 million. Or at least, that’s the number of attorneys it takes before the law profession becomes unprofitable and more law schools close down. Whittler Law School shut down in early 2017, making it the first fully accredited law school to shut down in 30

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Personal Injury Lawyer with an injured woman

Top Reasons to Hire a Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injury can happen for any number of reasons such as vehicular accidents, accidents at work, and intentional or unintentional blunt force trauma to the head. Whatever the cause, the end result is never good. If it isn’t fatal, the long term effects can still be terrible—often robbing sufferers of their quality of life.

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Couple signing documents

Divorce Mediation: What Are the Primary Stages?

Marriages are supposed to last a lifetime. Due to one reason or another, however, this is not always the case. And in these times, divorce is the unfortunate eventuality. Most couples associate divorce with a drawn out and emotionally draining legal battle. There are, however, other routes of divorce other than court battles. One of

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