April 26, 2022

Important Federal Laws for Employee Protection

Federal laws protect employees from discrimination, harassment, and other unfair treatment. These laws also give employees the right to fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. Without these laws, employees would not be able to speak up against their employers if they were being treated unfairly. These laws are essential because they help to ensure that

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Capital Murder and Murder: What is the Difference?

Degrees are crucial to criminal law. For one, they determine the gravity of an offense. For another, they follow a corresponding punishment. The gravity of offense and punishment are defined in the classification of criminal offenses: infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Of the three, felony is the most serious offense wherein capital murder typically falls under.

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Judge Signing on the Papers

What is the Purpose of Moot Court?

A law school student need a wide range of skills to succeed as an undergrad, and eventually as a practicing lawyer. Courses demand effective organization and management, extensive research abilities, excellent communication skills, and analytical and critical thinking. These skills are best practiced through moot court programs. What is Moot Court? A moot court is

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