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Ex Aequo et Bono– Accoring to the right and good.

When simple legal consultation fees can reach hundreds of dollars, it’s no surprise many people choose to bite the bullet and let injustice reign rather than seek redress or fight for their rights.

For years, we’ve provided pro bono work for friends, family, and people we know who need legal help but can’t afford it. From simply answering law-related questions in one conversation to actually representing them in court, we want to help as many people as we can for the greater good.

It’s why we created Lawyers Inc. This is your go-to place to read not only news and editorial pieces from lawyers and law professionals, but to ask your questions. Think of it as your Q&A section in your local newspaper, but for legal and political cases.

Stanley P. Jackson ​
Stanley P. Jackson
Stanley focuses on family law, focusing mostly on divorce cases in the state of California for the last 11 years. Aside from your usual no-fault divorce, Stanley is devoted to spending as much time as he can on pro bono clients – particularly people trying to leave abusive or toxic marriages while fighting for custody.

Having seen his fair share of sob stories, Stanley believes in providing people with the right information and mindset when going into cases. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and child.
Judy J. Chalford ​
Judy J. Chalford
Judy provides legal services for personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases in Los Angeles. Most of her cases involve low-income individuals and blue-collared employees seeking justice or proper financial compensation.

Having lost her own father to a drunk driver who managed to walk free due to a technicality and a very convincing lawyer, Judy has studied hard to make sure her clients will never have to feel the suffering she had. She answers most of the questions sent and leads people to law firms that can best help readers with their cases.
John Tobey ​
John Tobey
After finishing a degree in Political Science, John earned certification in a paralegal course before finding work in Los Angeles as a junior paralegal in a private law firm. By day, he is a paralegal, offering research and other assistance to corporate lawyers. But at night, he is a law school student studying to become an environmental lawyer.

A vlogger and writer in his spare time, John edits and handles the communications of Lawyers Inc. His personal blog talks about his time as a law student and why he wants to become a lawyer.
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