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Co-Parenting: It is Possible With an Abusive Ex?

Surviving domestic abuse as a parent is utterly incredible. Many abuse victims actually stay for the sake of their kids, who may be oblivious to the abuse and just see a complete, normal family. Hence, parents who have overcome their ordeal and saved their kids from future misery serve as inspirations to other parents who

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Three Common Legal Mistakes That Startups Do

When launching a startup business, it’s not uncommon to encounter several legal and business challenges along the way. In a rush to get their businesses started, most companies often commit several mistakes, especially during their early stages. They tend to focus on too many things but the legal considerations of starting a business. When this

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5 Binge-Worthy Legal Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

There’s just something about a scandalous crime, questionable characters, and sizzling courtroom tension that makes legal TV drama so engrossing. As an audience, you either know exactly what happened on the case the main characters are working through and grow frustrated watching them miss key information, or you discover facts as they do, leaving you

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Best Ways to Deal With Problematic Tenants

No landlord wants to deal with a bad tenant. However, handling tenant problems is something that comes with the job of being a landlord–no matter how hard you try at picking the best tenants for your property. Before contacting a process server agency to serve eviction papers in New York or any other place, here’s

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The Unwritten Rules of Life You Should Know

If you want to become a lawyer, prepare to do a lot of reading. When it comes to the law, places like Townsville have its pool of competent firms and private companies if ever you need legal help. These people are knowledgeable about the many rules, codes, and other details. But do you know what

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Staff Attorneys: What They Do And How Much They Earn

When we think ‘attorney’, we usually picture a dapper young man in a three-piece suit, or a hair-up, strict young woman in a power blouse, talking up a storm in a courthouse. TV and Movies have painted a picture of the modern attorney as these fiery, powerful, superfluous, and morally-upright heroes that defend the innocent

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Jury Duty: How Long Does it Last and What To Expect

It’s probably one of the scariest letters you’ll ever receive in your adult life. No, not your mortgage bills, or your bank statements. Jury duty. Those two words alone conjure up images of ratty motel rooms, days and nights spent talking to people you don’t particularly like, listening to witnesses who are so clearly lying,

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Skipping Jury Duty? Not a Good Idea, My Guy.

Getting summoned for jury duty is the worst: you’re obligated to show up to some stifling courthouse with other people who also don’t want to be there, listening to a horrible case for hours or days on end (depending on how long the trial lasts), and then being given the unenviable position of deciding someone’s

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Who Is the Patron Saint of Lawyers?

Nearly every profession and item these days have their own patron saint. For example, a Spanish scholar who lived circa 560 is now the Patron Saint of the Internet. And did you know that the Patron Saint of Unattractive People is the same patron saint for the mentally ill, cattle, sheep, and coffee house owners?

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