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Different Kinds of Claims: What You Need to Know

When it comes to insurance, there are all sorts of different kinds of claims that you can make. It can be confusing to know which one is right for you but don’t worry; this blog is here to help. Read through the different kinds of claims to be better informed when you need to make

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Who has Burden of Proof in Criminal and Civil Cases?

The success of a case rests on several elements for the prosecution and the defense. A good legal team, evidence and counter-evidence presented, a well-selected jury and a justice system that functions accordingly. Among those elements, the burden of proof holds the key to litigating or defending a case with ease or complexity. What does

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How You Should Deal with a Road Accident Legally

Every year, road accidents claim lives and injure thousands of people in the United States. Knowing how to deal with the legal aftermath is essential if you’ve been involved in a road accident. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, and you’ll need to know how to protect your rights. Here are some

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The Legal Implications of Marriage

When two people marry, they form a social and legal union. The social aspects of marriage are based on tradition and custom, while the legal aspects are defined by laws that vary from country to country. In most cases, the law says marriage is a contract between two people who agree to be together for

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Jury Nullification: What is it and is it Legal?

The Constitution gives every person charged with crimes an option of a trial by jury. The jury will comprise individuals of every background, randomly selected by the justice system. They do not need special qualifications to perform their tasks. Their job is to look at the facts of a case and come up with a

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What is the Purpose of Moot Court?

A law school student need a wide range of skills to succeed as an undergrad, and eventually as a practicing lawyer. Courses demand effective organization and management, extensive research abilities, excellent communication skills, and analytical and critical thinking. These skills are best practiced through moot court programs. What is Moot Court? A moot court is

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Building Business Integrity: Laws Companies Should Know And Uphold

Businesses that want to build their integrity should always abide by the law and take the extra steps to ensure that they get upheld in the office. That means implementing policies and procedures that comply with the law, establishing a system of checks and balances to ensure compliance, and providing training for employees on how

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Citizens Free Press: What is it and What Does it Do?

The free press is one of the elements of a democracy. Countries with established press freedom guarantee legal protection for that freedom. You’ll find this prescribed in the First Amendment. Journalists have a right to protect their sources of information and the public have a right to access information. Of course, freedom comes with responsibilities.

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What Do Void Cases Mean?

Contracts are complex legal documents. The legal agreement contains terms, language that outline and define what each party must meet. This means mutual obligations must be enforceable by law. When a contract is deemed unenforceable, it may be a case of void contract. What is a Void Contract Case? Void cases of legal agreements mean

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