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Knowing the Legal and Ethical Aspects of Price Gouging

Amidst the pandemic and other tribulations, one of the commonly affected aspects of commerce is pricing. Some business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of the situation by unconscionably jacking up their product price. Thus, resulting in price gouging. What is Price Gouging? Price gouging is an act of raising prices to unfair levels. Price gouging

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The Advice of Legal Counsel: Why You Need One

You might think that you don’t really need or even want a lawyer if you don’t need to file a lawsuit or have a lawsuit filed against you. But lawyers can help with other things and not just lawsuits. There are plenty of instances wherein seeking advice from a lawyer could help you out. Here are some

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An Amicable Separation: Difficult but Possible with Preparation

Divorce is never easy, but if you and your spouse have both decided to do so, then it is likely the best outcome for you and your family’s well-being. Staying together for the children is a myth that has been debunked by behavioral scientists. They discovered that children should see two happy parents who are doing well

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Things to Remember When Filing a Civil Protection Order

Relationships can be tumultuous and violent. Oftentimes, couples who break up cite violence and abuse as reasons for wanting to end their relationship. In married couples, many forms of abuse and violence can happen to one of the parties and possibly their children. When this happens, divorce attorneys suggest filing a civil protection order or restraining

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Dealing with Divorce When You Have Children

Getting through a divorce is a difficult process. It affects not only the couple breaking up but their family as well. It’s even more challenging when children are involved. Research shows that children struggle with handling the divorce the most a year or two after it happens. They experience stress, anger, and anxiety, just like the parents

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Fair Settlement: The Advantage of Understanding the Law

Filing a lawsuit is an extremely complicated process. You need to think about it carefully before you decide to take your complaint to court. Some people believe that the best course of action is to have the other party suffer immeasurable losses. This way, you feel that you get the justice you deserve. That is

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Free UK Visa Extension for Foreign Frontline Workers

The UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, announced on April 29 a free one-year extension for foreign workers’ visas, especially those working in the health and care sectors. Crucial frontline workers on the list include doctors, nurses, paramedics, midwives, radiographers, social workers and pharmacists. They will automatically qualify for the extension if their visas are due

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How to Deal With Your Angry Spouse During a Divorce

When you or your spouse files for a divorce, it’s very common for emotions to get heated–maybe even more so than the weeks or months leading to that point. However, there are times when one spouse is level and rational while the other is angry and uncooperative.   If you are the first spouse in

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The Rewards and Difficulties of Being a Truck Driver

According to a report, the U.S. trucking industry is valued at $700 billion and makes up the majority of the freight in the USA. There’s been a shortage of qualified truck drivers for the past couple of years, so there’s plenty of decently-paying jobs waiting for skilled truck drivers. So is a career as a

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