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Unwed Fathers Have Rights, Too: Establishing Paternity

An increasing number of unmarried dads and cohabiting couples are becoming more common in today’s society. According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unwed women contribute to about 40% of the total birth rate in the United States. Additionally, the percentage of unmarried fathers has doubled over the last 50 years, with unwed fathers

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Health Care and the Law: Important Things People Should Know

Compared to most other countries globally, America’s health care system can be considered better and more accommodating. This says a lot about the health care systems in different countries around the world. However, if you focus on the health care system of America without comparing it to the health care system of other countries in

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Top Hurdles You May Encounter in Your Divorce Case

Divorce is, no doubt, stressful. It may sound like a relief when you’ve been putting up with a spouse you don’t love anymore, but the moment the proceedings begin, it’ll be far from the relief you’re seeking. Experienced family lawyers know this all too well. That’s why it’s crucial to work with them from start

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Spinal Cord Injury Cases: What Type of Compensation Can You Ask For?

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are some of the worst injuries to sustain. They cause back pain and pressure in the neck at the very least. They could cause numbness or a tingling sensation in the hands, fingers, feet, and, toes. They might trigger temporary weakness and lack of coordination. They might also lead to permanent

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Time to Log Off? When Social Media Use Becomes Too Much

It’s hard to imagine life without social media. Wherever we are, people are always on their phones, regularly posting about their lives and receiving updates from their friends. Organizations find social media handy for engaging with and sharing news to their clients, and we get practically real-time updates about what’s happening around the world. While

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Here’s What the Law Says About Moving After Divorce

Divorce is not a pleasant experience for everyone, and so it’s not unusual to desire to move someplace else. Get a reset in life, so to speak. Relocating to another town, city, or country is easy — until you need to have your children in tow. What does Australian law say about your plan? Can

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Pursuing a Career in Agricultural Law

Your grandfather has been overseeing the 10-acre farmland in Noblesville, which is some 36 miles northeast of Greenwood, Indiana. You visit as much as you can, but college life and finishing your law degree are taking a front seat in your life right now. The last time you visited, your grandfather told you how he’s

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The Things to Prioritize When You Reach Your 50s

Old age will not stop everyone from living. However, we still need to be prepared for the next part of our lives. It will be scary for a lot of people when they reach their middle ages. You will no longer be able to do some of the things you love because of your ageing

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What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Cases

If you are someone who is always on the go or willing to go on a few adventures, you may be vulnerable to a few accidents every now and then. That said, if you do find yourself in a bit of a problem, you should know a few things regarding personal injury and even property

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Things You Need to Know About Land Ownership in Australia

For many countries in the world, the concept of land ownership is, more often than not, varied and not universal. There exist many forms of ownership in different cultures throughout the globe. While many can be considered quite informal in the way they operate, Australia has a highly formal and structured system when compared with

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